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Linen ralph lauren sale louboutin australia trousers ralph lauren outlet online etiquette Browse articles videos by categoryfood drinkhobbies, games toyslinen is worn during the warmer months and often in the workplace because its breathable nature makes it comfortable for all day wear.Women wear linen trousers with flat style shoes or heals and often pair the pants with a top made of other natural fibers such as wool, silk or cotton.Men opt for linen pants as an alternative to cotton chinos, and usually sport a polo shirt and boat or slip on shoes without socks.At a wedding or semi formal event, linen pants are acceptable when paired with a linen jacket;A tie is optional.Linen trousers are cheap louis vuitton perfect for activities such as sightseeing, traveling or lounging.Linen’s natural fibers make the fabric stiff and therefore, when it bends, it easily leaves a wrinkle.While this is natural, too many wrinkles look messy.Hand washing in cool water makes linen softer over time and dry cleaning linen trousers keeps the fabric looking crisp.Spread linen shirts on a towel to dry ralph lauren polo femme or put in the dryer on low.Hang immediately afterward.Linen does not need to be washed for freshness after every use, only when visibly dirty.Remove stains immediately by rubbing with cold water or rinsing with club soda and talcum powder.